Hot Forming Presses

Hot forming presses operate by heating the platens and pressing two halves of a die to form a part. The use of heat in forging and forming offers a host of advantages. Since metals are more malleable at high temperatures, hot forming presses can mold the same part with less tonnage than it would take to mold "cold" metals. Increased malleability also opens up a range of new applications for hot forming presses that would otherwise be impossible or impractical.

ERIE Press Systems manufactures hot forming presses for use with both composites and metals. Hot forming presses for composites require lower temperatures and may use recirculating hot oil, while our metal presses implement multi-zone electrical heating implements to bring the metal up to temperature.

Regardless of application, Erie brings the same expert design and engineering to all of its hot forming presses. Over a century of commitment to continuous growth and quality control has made us a world leader in forming and forging press manufacturing. Our hot forming presses include intuitive controls that allow an operator to monitor the entire process from one panel. Combined with their outstanding mechanical precision, our hot forming presses have earned their reputation as some of the most accurate and reliable in the industry.

At Erie, we believe in building relationships so that we can work with you to develop solutions uniquely tailored to your challenges. To that end, we can customize any of our hot forming presses to better suit your operation. This includes platen design, hydraulics, temperature controls, interface design and more. You can also choose from a host of accessories such as part and die loaders, shuttle tables, horizontal rams, etc. to upgrade your Erie hot forming press.

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