Super Plastic Forming Diffusion Bonding Press

Super plastic forming and diffusion bonding presses operate similarly to hot forming presses with a few important distinctions. They still rely on the fundamental principle of heating the metal to increase its malleability. Super plastic forming requires exceptional amounts of heat for the metal to reach its super plastic state. Once at this point, however, the metal is so malleable that super plastic forming presses can use gas pressure to form the part. This allows operators increased control to form more complex parts than possible with hot forming.

Diffusion bonding presses form two or more sheets of metal into one part. They accomplish this by applying gas pressure between the sheets and around shapes once the metal has reached the super plastic state. Diffusion bonding presses have a variety of applications since they can form complex shapes such as honey comb.

Erie's super plastic forming and diffusion bonding presses implement state-of-the-art gas management and vacuum control systems. Extremely accurate and efficient, they do not rely on servo valves and consequently eliminate the inherent gas waste associated with them. ERIE Press Systems has also developed superior thermal and press control systems for use with their super plastic forming and diffusion bonding presses. Control of hydraulic pressure, gas pressure, and thermal management systems rests within a single PC/PLC based system, allowing operators to monitor the entire process from one control panel.

SPDB PressBy combining advanced controls with Erie Press System's quality craftsmanship, our super plastic forming and diffusion bonding presses offer the best precision, efficiency, and reliability in the industry. Decades of experience manufacturing hydraulic presses, and a steadfast commitment to comprehensive customer service make Erie the ideal partner for your super plastic forming and diffusion bonding needs. Our team will work diligently to develop a strong relationship with your staff to ensure effective communication, resulting in super plastic forming and diffusion bonding presses built exactly to your specifications and your schedule.

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