Extrusion Stretch Forming

Stretch forming machines for extrusions offer all of the same advantages of sheet stretch wrap forming: they eliminate steps in the manufacturing process by stretching the metal beyond its elastic limits and wrapping it around the die, they minimize imperfections, and they improve the overall structural integrity of the material. Extrusion machines also allow the setting up of production runs for certain parts that would otherwise be impossible. Unlike sheet stretch forming machines, however, extrusion machines use collet type (circular) jaw bodies that accept serrated inserts designed for the particular extrusion.

ERIE manufactures a full line of extrusion stretch forming machines for nearly all applications. In addition, we can customize the machines and the jaws to meet whatever specifications your operation requires. We also rebuild and refurbish extrusion stretch forming machines of all makes and models, regardless of whether or not it is one of our machines. If you already own an extrusion machine, a rebuild can save you time and money and gives you the chance to customize with upgrades to your existing machine.

Whether you require a rebuild or a brand new extrusion stretch forming machine, ERIE offers all the advantages of a company dedicated to quality and customer service. Over a century of experience has helped us develop quality management systems and continuous growth programs that result in personal customer service and superior products. Our team based engineering and critical path scheduling methods allow us to work closely with you in order to complete your extrusion stretch forming project on schedule while exceeding your expectations.

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