Ajax-CECO provides Stocking Program for Critical and Long Lead Time Spare Parts
July 24, 2019

Forging machines are vital to the production in many companies and are one of the main sources of revenue.  The costs of having an inoperable machine mount by the minute.  What if the part needed is a long lead time item?  Being down for over 14 weeks in some cases is not an option.  Although Ajax-CECO works hard in these emergency situations to try and produce the parts in an expedited manner, sometimes time is not on their side.  It is cases like this that exemplify why the Ajax-CECO Stocking Program is VITAL and LOGICAL for any Forging Machine shop.

Ajax-CECO will work to develop a Company Specific Stocking Program and provide a stocked parts quote tailored to your needs, with minimal financial outlay until the parts are needed.  Instead of weeks of downtime, there may only be a few days.  You can determine what critical/long lead items should be added to your Stocking Program and add parts to it at any time.

If there is more than one machine of the same size, Ajax-CECO may even be able to manufacture parts in a semi-finished state so that they may be interchangeable for several machines and then finished to the exact machine that requires it when needed.  This saves time and money by not having numerous parts manufactured for each machine that may have slightly different specifications or dimensions.

Another benefit to Ajax-CECO’s Stocking Program is the fact that parts are not paid for in advance nor even at NET 30.  Generally, 25% down at the time of the order placement starts the manufacturing process and 25% will be due when the parts are complete and stored in an area designated for your company’s chosen Stocked Parts at Ajax-CECO.  The balance will not be due on that specific part until it is requested to be shipped for installation.*  It is recommended at the time a part is requested,  another part then be immediately re-ordered so there is minimal if any down-time for future events.

Utilizing Ajax-CECO’s Stocking Program also expands the warranty time of the part since it is stored in their controlled facility.  Warranty on stocked parts begins on the date it is shipped out rather than while it is being stored.
Let Ajax-CECO create a personalized Stocking Program just for you!  Contact an Ajax-CECO Sales Member at info-sales@ajax-ceco.com or call 1-800-451-2326.

*Usually within two years but specific terms can be negotiated to fit your needs and approved credit rating.

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