Erie Press Systems Merges with Ajax-CECO to Become the Largest Forging Equipment Supplier in North America
June 28, 2019

North American manufacturers now have a one-stop, expedited domestic source for forging equipment as a result of the June, 2019 acquisition of Erie Press Systems with Ajax-CECO under parent company Park Ohio (NASDAQ: PKOH).

Park Ohio’s acquisition of Erie Press Systems adds hydraulic press and stretch forming equipment to its already impressive selection of mechanical and hammer forging presses offered under the Ajax-CECO brand. By manufacturing and supporting all three brands, Park Ohio effectively becomes the largest forging equipment manufacturer in North America.

“By acquiring Erie Press Systems, we can expand our manufacturing capabilities, control costs more effectively and benefit from economies of scale when working with our core suppliers,” says Ken Copeland, president of Ajax-CECO. “The goal is to become a one-stop provider of new, rebuilt and remanufactured equipment for a variety of forging applications, along with providing full service and timely support.”

According to Copeland, part of the appeal of the acquisition is that Erie Press Systems’ hydraulic presses were a perfect complement to the equipment offered by Ajax-CECO.

Erie Press Systems has a long history, dating back to 1895 when the company originally began as the Erie Foundry Company. Today the company offers a variety of hydraulic presses, hydraulic extrusion presses and stretch forming machines – as well as support for a legacy line of mechanical presses and hammers.

“Combined, the three companies have been in existing for more than 350 years,” explains Copeland. “That means we can make equipment, parts, support and service for all three brands more readily available from a single source here in North America, while also increasing our ability to compete with overseas providers.”

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