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Founded in 1875, and originally located near Cleveland, Ohio, Ajax Manufacturing has been building world class forging machinery for over 145 years. In this time, over 7,000 Ajax machines (Presses, Wire Drawers, Forging Rolls and Upsetters) were built and put into production around the world. In 1996, Ajax acquired Chambersburg (CECO) intellectual property, and we became Ajax-CECO (a Park Ohio Company). Chambersburg had also been building over 3,000 of Hammers and Impacters since the late 1870’s. In 2018, Erie Press Systems joined Ajax-CECO and we are now known as Ajax/CECO/Erie Press and are located in Erie, Pennsylvania. ERIE Press Systems also has a long history, stretching all the way back to 1895 when the company originally began as the Erie Foundry Company. We have manufactured Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses for over 100 years and renamed the company ERIE Press Systems to reflect machinery roots. During this time, we have become the leading supplier of custom engineered forming equipment and not just the largest OEM of forging equipment, but the ONLY one in North America! As much as the original companies have changed, however, our values have remained constant.

We dedicate ourselves to quality and have taken formal steps to ensure continued self-improvement. At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, our mission continues to be building customer success since 1875 and to continually improve our Quality Management System, because the two go hand in hand. In our effort to exceed customer expectations, we constantly invest in our capabilities and resources to ensure that we offer solutions to your manufacturing needs. We build machines that are rugged, user friendly, highly efficient, safe, reliable, and long lasting. Ajax/CECO/Erie Press also offers a life-time partnership for our equipment replacement parts and service. We strive to make you experience personal, by pairing your company with a project manager who will follow your project from beginning to end. Our commitment to our customers and to continued self-improvement has helped us become a leader in forming equipment manufacturing.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press has established a global reputation for building rugged industrial forging machinery to serve our customers for decades, producing products at closer tolerances than many other brands. Today, we are a powerful single source for a wide variety of forging equipment, tooling design, automation and engineering consultation. You can be assured that Ajax/CECO/Erie Press continues to support our products with a service team that will travel far and wide to assist our customers.

In addition to designing and building new machinery, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press has rebuilt or repaired hundreds of our own machines, in-house or on-site. But our service doesn’t stop there! Our experienced staff of engineers and service technicians are here to serve our customers and the forging industry. We can rebuild and repair other brands of forging equipment, as well as our own. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will cheerfully and professionally assist you in selecting and ordering the OEM parts you need to repair or maintain your Ajax, CECO or Erie forging equipment. New and rebuilt forging machines are constantly flowing through the factory in order to meet customer need. With a global customer base numbering 1000 plus, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press expects to be here to serve our customers’ needs for decades to come.

If you own forging equipment with these labels, including Ajax Manufacturing, Chambersburg, CECO or Erie, contact Ajax/CECO/Erie Press for parts and service!

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