Upsetter/Forging Machines

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Horizontal Forging Machines are designed for long life, reliable service and maximum production.

• Exclusive air-clutch offers instant response and smooth, cushioned starting at high operating speeds to help maximize production rates

• Generous die height provides space for additional forging operations that can produce more intricately forged parts — particularly advantageous on 4” and larger automated machines

• Programmable controls, load monitors and automation are available on new equipment or as upgrades to existing machinery

Tube Upsetters

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Tube Upsetters are used to hot forge the ends of pipe. Tube forging generates tremendous force across the dies, imposing high loads to the toggles and machine frame.

• Constructed to withstand the extreme force required to prevent dies from opening during forging, provide reliable performance and minimize downtime

• Developed for the oil and gas pipe upsetting industry, especially for forming API upsets — EU, IU and IEU — for casing, drill pipe and longer pup joints

Solid-Die Ball Forging Machines

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Ball Forgers produce a complete forging at each revolution, resulting in exceptionally high production.

A heated bar of the correct diameter and length is ported by feed rolls into the machine against an adjustable stock gauge. The machine shears off a blank, forges it to shape and ejects a completed forging with each revolution. Only a slight amount of draft is needed, due to powerful ejectors on both die and header. In forgings such as mining balls, flash can be nearly eliminated.

As the mining industry continues to grow around the world, demand for our solid-die ball forgers has expanded considerably. Consequently, we’ve upgraded the design to accurately accommodate the largest stock diameter that can sheared to forge specific size balls in a given size machine (i.e., our 2” machine can shear up to 2” diameter bar, and so on.)

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