Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Forging Upsetter Machines: Built for Durability and High-Output Production

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press horizontal forging machines, also known as upsetter machines, are engineered for longevity, reliable service, and top-tier productivity. We leverage innovative technology and design to deliver solutions that optimize your metal forging process.

  • Advanced Air-Clutch Technology: Our exclusive air-clutch offers immediate response, combined with gentle, cushioned initiation at high operating speeds. This state-of-the-art feature is designed to enhance productivity, making Ajax/CECO/Erie your ideal partner for efficient upsetter forging operations.
  • Extra Die Height Capacity: The generous die height in our forging machines creates room for additional forging operations. This enables the production of more intricately forged parts — a feature especially beneficial for larger automated machines, specifically those 4” and above.
  • Cutting-Edge Controls and Automation: All Ajax/CECO/Erie forging machines are equipped with programmable controls and load monitors. We also offer automation capabilities on new equipment or as upgrades to existing machinery. Our state-of-the-art features ensure a smooth and efficient forging process, bolstering your production rates.

Let Ajax/CECO/Erie Press be your go-to solution for high-quality horizontal forging or upsetter machines. Discover a world of advanced manufacturing potential with our top-tier forging machinery.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Tube Upsetters: Optimized Forging Solutions

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press tube upsetters are engineered to hot-forge the ends of pipes. Our tube forging equipment is known for generating formidable force across the dies, handling high loads to the toggles, and ensuring the robustness of the machine frame.

  • Robust Design: Constructed to withstand the extreme forces needed to prevent die opening during forging, our tube upsetters ensure reliable performance and minimize downtime. Our tube upsetters are designed with your operational efficiency in mind.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailored for the oil and gas industry, our tube upsetters are the go-to solution for forming API upsets – EU, IU, and IEU – for casing, drill pipes, and longer pup joints. Our equipment meets the rigorous demands of pipe upsetting tasks, providing consistency and quality in every operation.

Partner with Ajax/CECO/Erie Press for your tube upsetter needs and experience the difference in quality and performance. With our tube upsetters, you get a blend of resilience, efficiency, and industry-focused design.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Solid-Die Ball Forging Machines: Boosting Productivity in Ball Forging

Experience high-performance forging with Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Ball Forgers. Designed for high production, our solid-die ball forging machines complete a forging operation at each revolution, enhancing your throughput like never before.

  • Precision Shearing & Forging: Each machine is engineered to take in a heated bar of appropriate diameter and length, transported by feed rolls against an adjustable stock gauge. The machine shears off a blank, molds it to shape, and ejects a completed forging with each revolution. Our powerful ejectors on both die and header eliminate the need for excessive draft.
  • Near-Flashless Forging: For applications like mining balls, our ball forging machines ensure nearly flashless forgings, maintaining quality and reducing material waste.
  • Upgraded for Increased Demand: With the global expansion of the mining industry, the demand for our solid-die ball forgers has grown significantly. Consequently, we’ve enhanced the design to accurately accommodate the largest stock diameter that can be sheared to forge specific size balls in a given machine size. For instance, our 2” machine can shear up to a 2” diameter bar, and so on.

Choose Ajax/CECO/Erie Press for top-tier solid-die ball forging machines and elevate your forging operations to new levels of productivity.

Check out our comprehensive brochure that provides detailed insights into the power-packed capabilities of our forging machinery. Delve deeper into the world of Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Forging Machines, and discover the exceptional features of our upsetter machines, tube upsetters, and solid-die ball forging machines.

Whether you’re in the oil and gas sector, mining industry, or just intrigued by the mechanics of precision forging, our brochure is a must-read. Understand how we leverage advanced technology and robust designs to boost productivity, minimize downtime, and meet the specific needs of your operations. So why wait? Take the next step and explore our brochure today to uncover the vast potential of our state-of-the-art forging solutions.

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