Preferred Supplier of Custom Programmable Hammers

Manufacturers all over the world rely on Ajax/CECO/Erie Press for customized forging solutions. We take the time to understand your unique situation, so we can provide a thorough, professional consultation and strategic assessment. Because we work with you from concept to implementation, you can be assured your custom forging equipment will meet your needs exactly.

Types of Programmable Hammers

Die Forgers
Ajax-CECO Die Forgers can improve forging productivity by 20-30% over conventional gravity-fall hammers of comparable size. They feature consistent blow control, flexible programming and high blow rates, as well as significant improvements in die life to minimize the need for skilled manpower.
  • Designed for high-quality, high-volume production

  • Fewer moving parts help lower maintenance costs

  • Radial Guides can eliminate clearance adjustments and improve forging quality
Hydraulic Die Forgers
Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Hydraulic Die Forgers feature programmable striking energy, blow rate and blow count, increasing your productivity and quality while reducing your maintenance costs. 

  • Highly integrated hydraulic control system piping connections eliminate leak points
  • Accumulator location improves transmission efficiency and allows for easy maintenance

  • Many other features improve reliability of the forging hammer
Die Forger Conversions
For your customers who are trying to cut costs while demanding “just in time” delivery, our Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Die Forgers are an economical way to upgrade your old hammers to state-of-the-art production tools. With an Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Die Forger Conversion, your old anvil and frame assemblies will take on a new life and significantly improve your competitive edge.
The ERIE KeyDriver is a remotely operated horizontal pneumatic hammer. It is designed to aid in forging shop equipment work such as driving sow block and die keys. It is used to replace sledgehammers, manual rams, and small handheld pneumatic drivers

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