Ajax/CECO/Erie Press means more than just the best presses in the forging industry. Forging companies trust our KeyDrivers to stand above the rest in quality and reliability.

The KeyDriver is designed to be mounted horizontally, such as on a forklift. The Key Driver replaces such tools as sledgehammers, manual rams, and handheld pneumatic drivers for sow block and die keys—allowing for accurate alignment. Easy-to-use handheld lever operating valve allows for more remote operation and features a spring-centered return.

Large, ported valves open and exhaust quickly for fast operation. The heavy-duty inertia block is constructed from high strength cast iron. Replaceable bronze rod bushing and packing with carbon/graphite rings support the ram and piston providing low friction travel.

Blow force can be controlled by regulating the onboard ASME code air tank pressure. Automatic air lubricator, condensation separator, filter, drains, and shut-off valves assure trouble-free operation.

We put the same care into our KeyDrivers as our much-heralded presses and other metal-forming equipment. As a result, similar to the forging machinery we manufacture, they last longer, require less maintenance, and operate more efficiently. We always aim to exceed your expectations, regardless of the type of forging operations you manage. We will match the best Key Driver to address your forge shop needs.

Finally, we will ship your KeyDriver completely assembled and ready to connect to your plant air supply system. To ensure from the moment it arrives it can be put it to good use, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Ajax/CECO/Erie Press has over a century of experience in the North American industrial forging industry. We offer a wide range of forging presses and forging equipment to meet your forging process needs.

Reliable and built to last, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press KeyDrivers can help cut your maintenance costs, keep production running smoothly, and maximize your R.O.I.

At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we don’t just build machines; we build relationships.

For more information about our KeyDriver manufacturing process and other types of forging applications, we support contact us!

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