Where can I find the Serial Number for my machine?

Ajax machine Serial Numbers are generally located on a nameplate on the front, left side of the machine with the exception of the Wire Drawers which tended to have nameplate on the Operator’s side towards the back (exit end) of the machine. Some machines will also have serial number on the control panels.

CECO (Chambersburg) machine Serial Numbers can be located by finding your specific machine’s parts sheet in our “Parts” tab and the Serial Number location is noted (typically on the front center and the bottom right side of the machine).

How can I purchase a Manual for my machine?

Machine manuals can be purchased by submitting a Purchase Order and providing the machine’s Serial Number to our Sales department who will then generate either a digital or hard copy manual which includes the operator’s manual, maintenance manual, parts sheet drawings, general assembly drawings, etc. The price of a manual ($500) includes a Certificate redeemable for $500 off of the next parts purchase for this machine. [Minimum order of $1,000 or more and must be placed within 90 days of receipt of the parts manual.] Please allow two weeks for delivery.

How can I find the part numbers for my machine?

Click here to visit our Parts page and locate your machine type and the Parts Sheets that matches as close to your machine as any other. This sheet will indicate the part numbers you may choose to order.

Do you offer on-site service?

Absolutely. Please contact a member of our Sales Team and we can send you our Service Rates as well as help you schedule Service at your location.

How can I plan for long lead time parts?

Any member of our Sales Team can discuss the options our Stocking Program can offer for just such a need.

What machines do you manufacture?

We specialize in Forging Presses and Hammers in various sizes, capabilities and options, and are excited to offer hydraulic versions as well. We can also assist you with any engineering, automation or material handling you may desire.

Do you rebuild machines?

Absolutely. Please visit our service page for examples of current and past projects.

What is the difference between a repair, rebuilt and a remanufactured machine?

Repair: On site or shipped to our manufacturing facility which reduces the expenses. Ajax/CECO/Erie Press will minimally disassemble, inspect, report and suggest REPAIR: replace only components that are damaged, causing the machine not to function properly or that pose an unsafe condition, and bring it to working condition. Every effort will be made to re-use parts; however, it may be necessary to repair or replace parts. All repairs made at Ajax/CECO/Erie Press will be charged at the price of labor and materials . Frames, components and guards will not be repainted .

Rebuild: On site or shipped to our manufacturing facility which reduces the expenses. Ajax/CECO/Erie Press will completely disassemble, clean and inspect the machine to be supplied by the Customer. Upon completion of the inspection, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press will submit our report of findings to the Customer. This report will include:

  1. A list of missing components, compared to the “as-built” Bill of Material.
  2. Findings of concern to Ajax/CECO/Erie Press that would impact the operation of the machine if it were to be re-commissioned.
  3. Description and pictures of the general condition of the parts.
  4. Based on the inspection findings, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press and the Customer will develop a general scope of work aimed at a REBUILD of the machine, and re-commissioning the machine.
  5. Every effort will be made to re-use parts. It might be necessary to repair or replace additional parts not listed in the proposal. Any changes to the scope suggested by Ajax/CECO/Erie Press must be approved by the Customer prior to proceeding with any additional work.
  6. A price estimate, based on time and materials to REBUILD the machine and re-commission will be provided. Frames, components and guards will not be re-painted.

Remanufacture: Brings the Customer’s machines back to OEM like-new condition. Machine is sent to our manufacturing facility.

  1. Remove and discard all internal components of machine tool.
  2. Inspect and repair any damage to frame.
  3. Machine all working surfaces.
  4. Manufacture all new internal components to bring the machine to complete, original factory specifications. (Basically a new machine with exception of the frame).

Do you sell used machines?

We do not stock used machines for re-sale, however, our outside Sales Team may sometimes hear of machines offered for sale by owners and can connect you. We can provide a quote for the repair, rebuild or remanufacture of any machine you purchase.

Do you install the parts I purchase?

Our experienced Service Technicians can install any parts you purchase.

Would you provide Supervision of my maintenance team?

Absolutely. We can provide one of our knowledgeable Service Technicians to assist your team in the installation or repair of your machine.

Can you manufacture my custom parts?

Yes we can. We have Tier 1 Vendors as well as other members of the Park Ohio Forging group that we use to manufacture certain parts. Please contact us to discuss your options.

How can I get a print or drawing of the parts I need?

The history of Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is embedded in our extensive library of OEM parts since 1875. We consider our prints and drawings proprietary in nature and are not able to share those publicly. We do, however, work with you in determining the exact part needed for your machine and will work with you on any expediting you may require if at all possible.

Do you offer Turn-key repair/rebuilds?

Yes. We can provide crating, rigging, transportation to and from your facility and complete installation and run-off on your site.

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