Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is now offering the most comprehensive preventative maintenance program in the forming and forging industry. The program aims to be an extension to your maintenance team — to support your maintenance operation in the development and execution of their maintenance strategy.

Our customized maintenance program for forging and forming operations include training activities, scheduling and replacement of consumables, developing repeatable maintenance tasks and creating work orders, and preventative maintenance best practices for your forging and forming equipment.

We understand that not all customers require the same level of support – which is why we will develop a customized program with different levels of pm plans to suit your forging operations.

Our experienced technicians will perform a health check on all of your equipment and create your customized plan. We have the capability to assist your operation with our remote support services. We also have a stocking program to have your critical components on hand to provide for shorter lead times and decreased upfront costs.

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The industry-leading preventative maintenance program from Ajax CECO Erie Press is an exclusive program, custom designed to offer our customers a specifically detailed program that will promote the longevity of your forging equipment.

With an emphasis on regular maintenance tasks, this program will limit exposure to avoidable disruptions or reactive maintenance that result in extended and costly downtime.

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Unplanned machine downtime is a productivity killer. That’s why Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is dedicated to keeping you forging with our stocking program for your critical equipment.

Our stocking program promotes proactive maintenance and will fit into your preventative maintenance plan to assist your maintenance managers to plan for long-term critical assets without the upfront costs of expensive and long lead time parts.

  • Shorter lead times
  • Flexibility for parts usage
  • Decreased upfront cost for replacement parts

By being prepared in this way, you’re always ready to get back up and running fast. Contact us to learn more about our stocking program.

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Forging equipment OEM delivered “health check” and ongoing preventive maintenance program helps forgers optimize production and keep equipment online even when faced with high turnover. As the forging industry’s most experienced maintenance staff and equipment operators retire, keeping legacy machines producing at full capacity is increasingly difficult. When new employees lack sufficient expertise, and decades-old forging equipment breaks down, the result can be very costly, extended downtime.

As a solution, industry-leading OEMs are now providing forgers with a proactive “health check,” followed by an ongoing preventive maintenance (PM) program designed to sustain peak performance of equipment that may be many decades old.

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The Benefits of a Health Check

To perform a health check, one OEM utilizes the full documentation of the equipment in its broad portfolio of brands, along with extensive maintenance and repair experience accumulated over many decades. The company’s technicians examine the equipment condition, running clearance, electrical system, pump performance, etc.

  1. Based on the results of the health check, the OEM suggests corrective actions to restore the equipment back to OEM specifications, along with a customized, ongoing, preventive maintenance program for hydraulic presses, as well as consumables like filters, and oil sample analysis. The extent of the PM program is based on factors such as the type of equipment, production, onsite support, and desired PM intervals.
  2. The PM program can be scaled up or down to take into account the maintenance team’s experience, availability, and turnover.
  3.  The program can serve as a teaching aid to help the forger build its maintenance team. This can not only increase the team’s self-reliance but also minimize any downtime.
  4. Although PM is typically performed onsite, some actions can be completed remotely. For example, we can utilize advanced collaboration tools and real-time video communications to connect with technicians where both can see, discuss, annotate, and resolve many situations at hand.
  5. To ensure the highest production uptime of forging equipment and prevent lengthy unexpected downtime, a separate stocking program of consumables and key items is also typically available as an option.

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