Start your parts stocking program today

Unplanned machine downtime is a productivity killer. That’s why Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is dedicated to keeping you forging—no matter what.

With our Parts Stocking Program, we will design a comprehensive inventory plan: reviewing your unique needs and recommending the best Parts to add to the program as well as what consumables you should always have in stock. By being prepared in this way, you’re always ready to get back up and running fast.

Three Big Reasons to Keep Replacement Forging Parts in Stock
  1. Shorter lead times. By stocking frequently ordered parts and parts you can’t afford NOT to have on hand, you dramatically shorten lead times and increase your productivity.
  2. Flexibility. To help save you time and reduce your costs, we often manufacture parts for the Stocking Program to a semi-finished state—so they may be interchangeable for several machines depending on the machine design—and then finish them to precise specifications when you call.
  3. Minimal upfront costs. Pay generally 25%-35% down at order placement to start the manufacturing process and then 25% when the parts are complete and stored for you at our facility. The balance is due when you request a part to be shipped.We will store them for up to two to three years for you with no other payments to be made.*


*Usually, the parts are required to be requested within two to three years, but specific terms can be negotiated to fit your needs and approved credit rating.

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