At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we are proud to announce a remarkable achievement that sets us apart in the global manufacturing industry. Since our establishment in 1875, over 40% of the machines we have crafted are still operational, showcasing an exceptional rate of durability and longevity. This statistic is a testament not only to the superior quality and robustness of our machinery but also to the enduring legacy of our brand.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each machine we build, which is designed to withstand the test of time. This enduring performance is rare in today’s manufacturing landscape, marking us as a leader in creating long-lasting, reliable machinery. Our focus on producing durable and high-quality equipment has been a cornerstone of our business, contributing to the sustained success of our clients’ operations.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, our dedication to building machinery that meets the highest standards of quality and durability remains unwavering. We are committed to supporting your business goals, both now and in the future, with equipment that consistently delivers exceptional performance. Trust Ajax/CECO/Erie Press to be your partner in success for years to come.

Whether you're in search of pneumatic or hydraulic forging presses, comprehensive forging machines/upsetters, or robust forging hammers, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is your ultimate destination. We offer a wide array of forging equipment and tools, making us the ideal one-stop shop for all your forging needs.
Carbon Extrusion
Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is renowned for designing and constructing the industry's finest carbon extrusion presses. Our advanced electrodes and cathodes significantly enhance performance, boosting the efficiency of all related melting and smelting processes.
Compression Molding
Our compression molding presses are ideal for all composite materials. Designed to easily and quickly switch molds, as well as built with rugged construction for less maintenance, a compression molding press from Ajax/CECO/Erie Press will maximize your productivity.
Powder Compacting
Ajax/CECO/Erie Press offers state-of-the-art compression molding presses, perfectly suited for all types of composite materials. Our presses are engineered for effortless and rapid mold changes, coupled with robust construction that minimizes maintenance needs. With a compression molding press from Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, you are set to achieve maximum productivity in your operations.
SPF/Hot Forming
We specialize in providing the ideal hot forming press or super plastic forming (SPF) press for your specific needs, especially tailored for forming titanium, select aluminum types, and stainless steel. Our hot forming and SPF presses are equipped with an advanced multi-zone heating process, guaranteeing precise thermal control, consistent platen heating, and uniform part production, ensuring high-quality outcomes every time.
Stretch Forming
Stretch wrap forming techniques offer distinct benefits compared to traditional metal forming methods. By maintaining constant tension on the metal, stretch forming machines effectively reduce imperfections. This streamlined process allows for the completion of tasks in a single step that would typically necessitate multiple machines and steps, thus enhancing efficiency and providing significant savings in both time and cost.

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