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Our state-of-the-art hydraulic die forgers are designed to provide exceptional performance, precision, and reliability for all your forging needs. With a range of advanced features and cutting-edge technology, our die forgers are engineered to maximize productivity and optimize the quality of your forged parts.

Features and Benefits

Single U-Shaped Frame

Our hydraulic die forger hammers are constructed from a single U-shaped frame, manufactured using a one-piece steel casting. This robust design provides exceptional strength and stability, ensuring reliable and efficient forging operations. Alternatively, we offer the classic traditional 3-piece Ceco frame for customers who prefer a more traditional configuration.

PLC Controls with Touch Screen Interface

Our die forgers are equipped with PLC controls featuring a user-friendly touch screen operator interface. This intuitive control system allows for easy operation, precise adjustment of blow energy, and the ability to save forging programs for future use. With accurate energy control, you can ensure the energy is directed into your forged parts, enhancing their quality and significantly increasing the die lifespan.

Energy Repeatability and Savings

Our hydraulic die forgers offer excellent energy repeatability, contributing to consistent and high-quality forged parts. Additionally, our machines are designed to optimize electrical energy consumption, resulting in substantial energy savings during operation. By storing hydraulic energy when not actively forging, the main motors run at higher amps only during the forging process, reducing energy wastage.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

We prioritize safety and reliability in our hydraulic die forgers. The guides are secured in three places, ensuring that bolts remain tight and prevent loosening during operation. The advanced taper blow valve design provides a faster response and superior seal, minimizing internal leakage. The flexible compound oil cylinder, flexible hammer rod, and high- and low-pressure double anti-leakage design significantly improve the reliability of the forging hammer.

Efficient Die Changes

Our die forgers feature slow movement capability, allowing for the safe release of hydraulic pressure during die changes. This feature enhances operational safety and streamlines the die-changing process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Long Ram Structure and Wide Radial Guide Rails

The long ram structure with wide radial guide rails ensures the accuracy and stability of the ram during forging operations. This design feature enables precise and repeatable forging, resulting in high-quality forged parts.

Separate Hydraulic Driving System and Power Station

Our hydraulic die forgers have a separate hydraulic driving system and power station, which are assembled independently and placed on top of the machine. This arrangement eliminates the need for additional floor space, optimizing the utilization of your production area.

Integrated Safety Design

We have incorporated an integrated safety design for the inner accumulator and pipeline assembly, ensuring maximum safety during operation. This feature provides peace of mind and minimizes the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

Internal Hydraulic Ram Buffer

Our die forgers are equipped with an internal hydraulic ram buffer, which ensures safe ram movement and operation. This buffer serves as a protective measure, absorbing the impact forces and preventing damage to the machine and dies.

Experience Unrivaled Performance with Ajax-CECO/Erie Press Hydraulic Die Forgers

When it comes to CNC Hydraulic Die Forger Hammers, Ajax-CECO/Erie Press stands at the forefront. Our advanced features, precise controls, and robust construction guarantee exceptional performance and durability. Experience the difference of our hydraulic die forgers and take your forging operations to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or request a quote.



We have the capabilities to efficiently train your employees on your custom hydraulic or mechanical forging presses and develop OEM-grade detailed work instructions. We have services to assist your team in developing a detailed preventative maintenance program. Our stocking program will prevent downtime and keep your press up and running. We will always be available should you ever need any assistance, through our remote capabilities.

Reliable and built to last, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Hydraulic and Mechanical Closed Die Forging Presses can help cut your maintenance costs, keep forging equipment running smoothly and maximize your R.O.I.

We have the capabilities to efficiently train your staff on the new press, as well as provide detailed work instructions. We provide a detailed maintenance guide and offer customer-specific preventative maintenance programs and press repairs. In addition to the PM programs, we also offer a stocking program. We will always be available, through our remote capabilities, if you ever need any assistance. For more information download our complete catalog.


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