SPF/Hot Forming

SPF DB - Super Plastic Forming - Diffusion Bonding Hot Presses

ERIE Press Systems manufactures a number of machines dedicated to super plastic forming, both with and without diffusion bonding capabilities. Used for forming titanium as well as certain types of aluminum and stainless steel, the super plastic forming process requires high heat. When titanium and stainless steel reach temperatures between 1400 and 1850 degrees Fahrenheit (about 1000 to 1100 for aluminum), these metals become extremely malleable. When in a super plastic state, operators can use pressure from inert gasses (mainly argon) to form the metals. As a result, super plastic forming proves especially useful for complex shapes. Originally created to manufacture engine blades, a variety of applications now employ the use of super plastic forming.

All of Erie's hot forming and super plastic forming presses implement a multi-zone heating process which ensures precise thermal control, uniform platen heating, and consistent part production. Whether designed for diffusion bonding or not, Erie builds all of its presses to the highest standards of mechanical ruggedness and precision. Erie hot and super plastic forming presses benefit from highly efficient heat shields and platen designs, and superior PLC/PC based CNC controls that offer intuitive and comprehensive interfaces. These advantages result in increased production and improved part consistency.

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