April 24, 2020

Parts for Forging MachinesThe #COVID Struggle is very real, but we are trying to “forge ahead”. Ajax-CECO, and now with the acquisition of Erie Press Systems, we are here and ready to help keep your critical production supplied with parts and service as needed. This may also be the perfect opportunity to establish or improve your Preventative Maintenance programs! When our economy starts to ramp back up, we all need to be prepared to “hit-the-ground-running”. Ajax-CECO wants to assist you in looking at your PM program for each machine and evaluate how to run efficiently at full speed.

Do you possibly have a new maintenance team who may not be familiar with what a PM program entails? Do you have recommended essential spare parts on hand? Not just consumable items like packings, piston rings, clutch friction plates...what about those critical, long-lead items that may be nearing the end of their cycle? Have you inspected your Clutch and Pinions? Driving Plates? Brake Shoes or Bands? How’s that Eccentric Shaft, Ram & Pitman? We well know that anyone associated with the forging industry cannot afford to operate on an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

Forged PartsImagine, in the upcoming recovery, orders begin flowing in and production ramps back to all three shifts and suddenly, that 20+ year old Crankshaft finally fails. How will your production be impacted by that machine being inoperable for 12-16 weeks? If we put a pencil to the cost of lost production and possibly lost sales due to your limitations, it will be staggering.

Here are some other ways Ajax-CECO is dedicated to helping you avoid that loss:

Custom Stocking Programs

Custom Stocking Programs meet our Customer’s needs in an expedited manner with minimal up-front investment (generally only 25% down). This forward planning eliminates possibly months of extended down time due to long lead time parts that can be in various stages of final process for their individual program. Also, this is a perfect strategy for companies with multiple machines of similar design/size as parts can be manufactured to a semi-finished state in preparation for use on either machine as a need arises. At that point, the exact dimensions for the down machine can be provided and the part can be finished to the necessary specifications, ready to install.

On-Site Training

On-Site Training is offered to educate new employees who are now replacing the more experienced team members that are retiring. Operating Procedures as well as Maintenance education is provided if desired. Besides the main capital investments reportedly made in 2019 which were primarily on Forging Machine Rebuilds and modernizing controls, the next investment priority was Training & Education. Not surprisingly, many companies have plans for primarily focusing on the Training & Education for 2020, followed by rebuilding existing machines & modernizing their controls. Some have also added robotic manipulation to their process. The greatest impact on the future of forging industry is viewed throughout the industry as the availability of qualified workers (or lack thereof).

OEM Stock PartsOEM Stock Parts for Forging Machines

OEM Stock Parts are kept for general maintenance consumables for all machine types. These will be needed to maintain critical production throughout the next few years of recovery. If you choose to use a non-OEM machine rebuilder to assist you in the rebuild of a piece of your forging machinery, be sure to request that they use OEM standard parts for replacement components to ensure the proper material grades, clearances and specifications meet the highest efficiency possible for your forging production in the way it was originally designed to function.

Knowledgeable Service Team

Knowledgeable Service Team members are currently at essential Customer sites to assist with maintenance issues that have either been addressed at this time of slow-down or, in the case of our critical supply chain customers, that still want to remain productive amid steady product demands. We are also adding automation or material handling in some facilities to enhance the ability to ramp up production when the rebound begins.


Engineering provides an evaluation of a Customer’s current production demands and any future goals and helps determine how those needs can best be met by increasing efficiency & productivity with existing machinery if possible.

Maintenance Scheduling Reminders

Maintenance Scheduling Reminders are currently being drafted by machine type for sending reminders to Customers who desire to receive the information about necessary inspections and adjustments at regular intervals. Forms will be provided for documenting the acquired data as well as to ensure the specs are within OEM recommended clearances and tolerances for efficient and safe production. This will also assist the newer generation of workers with an increased overall maintenance knowledge and understanding.

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