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Ajax/CECO/Erie Press manufactures the most reliable and efficient trim presses in North America and in the world. For over a century we have honed the design and manufacturing processes of our forging equipment to achieve the best possible results for the forging industry. By making this commitment to quality, we can guarantee that our trim presses will exceed forging companies’ expectations and help your company’s industrial forging operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Wide Ram Four Point Presses combine versatility, compatibility, and reliability for a wide range of general forging applications, as well as auxiliary forging operations for metal forming — including pre-forming, extrusion, setting, hot coining, trimming, and piercing — to complement closed die forging or open die forging, we design all our trim presses to fit seamlessly into your operation.

Controlled parallel ram motion and an exceptionally large die seat and ram working area allow for the side-by-side positioning of multi-operation tooling. A combination of tonnage, die space, stroke, and ram stability provides the greatest economy for a wide variety of work. High energy and long stroke are available for extrusion and deep piercing operations.

Adaptation of programmable controls and the latest electronic monitoring equipment, coupled with first-stage feeders and automatic transfer devices, provide superior production capabilities. Moreover, we can custom program them to optimize the efficiency of your new trim press for your operation.

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AJAX Trim Press Brochure

When you order a trim press from Ajax/CECO/Erie Press we are your partners in manufacturing, and we make your success our main goal. To this end, a project manager will stay in constant contact so that you can track the progress of your trim press and request changes or adjustments at a moment’s notice. Our customer service will also continue beyond the completion of your trim press.

We have the capabilities to efficiently train your staff on the new press, as well as provide detailed work instructions. We provide a detailed maintenance guide and offer customer-specific preventative maintenance programs and press repairs. In addition to the PM programs, we also offer a stocking program. We will always be available, through our remote capabilities, if you ever need any assistance. For more information download our complete catalog.


At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we don’t just build machines; we build relationships.

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