Open Die Forging Press

For virtually any open die forging applications such as ingots, slabs, billets, bars, preforms, and more, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press builds a press that will perform the job swiftly and effectively. With over a century of experience in the forging industry, we have handled jobs of all sizes and scopes and know exactly what you expect from an open die forging press. Our commitment to craftsmanship for forging equipment results in presses that reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity for forging companies.

At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we design and manufacture a large variety of open die forging presses to meet all of your forging operation needs. In addition to our standard high-performing industrial forging presses, we will work with you to customize any open die forging press to better suit your needs. Whether you require design changes to the press or custom controls, we will build a machine that fits perfectly with your operation.

Additionally, your project will have a dedicated project manager who will be in continuous communication and always accessible. The project manager will keep you updated on the status of your open die forging press and listen carefully to your requests to ensure that we exceed your expectations, while our team-based engineering and critical path scheduling help us complete every project on time and under budget. As your North America open die forging partner, we take pride in your complete satisfaction.


We have the capabilities to efficiently train your employees on your custom forging equipment and develop OEM-grade detailed work instructions. We have services to assist your team in developing a detailed preventative maintenance program. Our stocking program will prevent downtime and keep your press up and running. We will always be available should you ever need any assistance, through our remote capabilities.


At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we don’t just build machines; we build relationships.

For more information about our hydraulic press manufacturing process and other types of forging applications, we support contact us!

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