Ring Preforming Presses

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press offers a wide range of the most advanced hydraulic presses to meet seamless rolled Ring Preforming needs in both ferrous and nonferrous forging materials that are built to last. From standard Ring Preforming press designs to integrated automated Ring Preforming systems, our presses offer advanced forging solutions for today’s ring preforming applications. Ajax/CECO/Erie Press is dedicated to delivering the best quality hydraulic Ring Preforming presses in the industry.

Standard Ring Preforming presses range from 500 to 5,000 tons and offer the advantages of fast stroking speeds, variable speed control, and quick die change capabilities. For any Ring Preforming application, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press builds presses that are rugged and reliable to increase productivity and lower maintenance costs, our sales team will provide the technical assistance and guidance to assure the selection of the best Ring Preforming press for your application.

3D modeling and FEA are used to design a rugged, cost-efficient press structure. Cartridge valve manifolds and simplified pipe routing minimize the potential for hydraulic leaks while improving energy efficiency. Electronic controls are state-of-the-art with program data and screen graphics displayed for maximum operator knowledge and control. Comprehensive diagnostic packages including fault monitoring and logging, I/O monitoring, and remote access/diagnostics are available with the control system. Optional features include sliding bolster, centering jaws, various upset-punch-pierce tooling arrangements, and slug removal systems.


We have the capabilities to efficiently train your employees on your custom hydraulic or mechanical forging presses and develop OEM-grade detailed work instructions. We have services to assist your team in developing a detailed preventative maintenance program.  We will always be available should you ever need any assistance, through our remote capabilities.

Reliable and built to last, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Ring Preforming Presses can help cut your maintenance costs, keep forging equipment running smoothly and maximize your R.O.I.

We have the capabilities to efficiently train your staff on the new press, as well as provide detailed work instructions. We provide a detailed maintenance guide and offer customer-specific preventative maintenance programs and press repairs. In addition to the PM programs, we also offer a stocking program, which will prevent downtime and keep your press up and running. We will always be available, through our remote capabilities, if you ever need any assistance. For more information download our complete catalog.


At Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, we don’t just build machines; we build relationships.

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