Case Study: Enhancing Efficiency in Metal Forming Manufacturing

Customer Profile:
A premier custom engineering manufacturer specializing in metal forming, our client plays a vital role in supporting global forming technologies. They cater to a diverse array of markets, including automotive, commercial, and industrial sectors. This breadth of expertise underscores their commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation in metal forming solutions.

Industry Focus:

Application Overview:
Our collaboration encompassed the optimization of 10 Ajax Mechanical Presses, including a 2500T Ajax Press, and an array of Ajax Mechanical Presses ranging from 1300T to 4000T. This project was pivotal in enhancing the operational efficiency and reliability of these critical manufacturing assets.

Challenges Encountered:
The crux of the challenge our client faced was a significant operational disruption due to machine downtime, necessitated by urgent repairs. This unforeseen downtime not only impeded production but also threatened to derail project timelines and financial forecasts.

Strategic Solution:
In response to this critical challenge, our client leveraged the Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Stocking Program. This innovative program enabled them to stockpile essential parts, dramatically reducing the lead time for replacement components by 19 weeks. This expedited response was crucial in mitigating the impact of the unexpected machine failure. Notably, the required part was ordered on May 18th and was ready for pickup by the client on May 23rd, merely four working days later.

Furthermore, this approach yielded significant financial benefits. Due to inflation and escalating demand, the cost of the required parts had surged since their initial purchase. By proactively incorporating these components into their stocking program 24 months prior and paying only half upfront with no additional costs until needed, our client realized a savings of $20,000 off the current sales price.

The Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Advantage:
The cornerstone of our offering is the industry-leading Stocking Program, designed to ensure our clients can circumvent lengthy lead times for critical parts. This advantage is crucial for minimizing unexpected downtime, facilitating a quicker and more cost-effective return to full operational capacity. The current lead time for new replacement components can extend to 22-24 weeks, underscoring the value of our program.

Moreover, partnering with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) like Ajax/CECO/Erie Press offers unparalleled benefits. Our intimate knowledge of the original engineered design specifications for our equipment’s components, considering factors such as material hardness/softness and component clearances, ensures not only the restoration of initial functionality but also safeguards against potential future failures. The part ordered was tailor-made for their 2500T Ajax Press, ensuring a perfect fit at assembly without any need for modifications.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the immediate needs of our clients while also anticipating future challenges. Through strategic planning and the utilization of our Stocking Program, we were able to significantly reduce downtime and save costs for our client, reinforcing the value of our partnership and our dedication to their success.