Case Study: Streamlining Shut Height Adjustment

The Problem

In the mid-2000s, a global leader in power management solutions, faced a critical issue with the 2500 Ton National MaxiPress. The crux of the problem revolved around the adjustment of the lower wedge shut height, a crucial factor affecting the press’s performance and efficiency. Difficulty in fine-tuning this component resulted in downtime, production of undersized forged parts, excessive material use, and increased flash trimming.

Additionally, over-tonnage of the press due to the shut height being too close, and thus damaging the press tie rods, eccentric shaft or drivetrain. The damage to the press in this situation can put the press out of commission for weeks after a destructive over-tonnage of the press during use.

The Solution

The Ajax/CECO/Erie Press team stepped in to address the pressing issue. Recognizing the need for a practical solution, the team proposed an Upper Wedge Adjustment. This innovative modification aimed to relocate the moving parts above the forging area, keeping them clean and free from debris, which previously complicated the adjustment process.

Moreover, the new design allowed fine-tuning during the production runs. Operators could easily adjust the shut height on the fly at the push of a button, offering unprecedented control and adaptability during the forging process.

The Outcome

The proposed solution was successful in resolving the challenge. The upper wedge adjustment significantly improved the ease and accuracy of shut height adjustments, reducing downtime, minimizing the production of undersized forged parts, and leading to material savings and decreased flash trimming.

The customer was so satisfied with the outcome that they decided to update two additional press lines with the same design. The project’s cost, approximately $100k, was quickly offset by the significant savings in downtime and material use, as well as improved production quality.

The Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Advantage

The successful resolution of the customer’s issue showcases the Ajax/CECO/Erie Press advantage. Our ability to understand intricate operational challenges, propose innovative solutions, and execute them effectively sets us apart.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the customer’s decision to implement our proposed solution across multiple press lines. By focusing on creating tailored, cost-effective solutions, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press continues to deliver tangible operational improvements and substantial value to our clients.

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