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North American forgers can optimize processes, uptime, and cost for the long haul with responsive expertise and readily available parts and service by selecting homegrown machinery.

In this article published by Modern Metals the benefits of purchasing forging equipment domestically are outlined:


  • Future proofing – forging machines can be in operation for decades; manufacturers will want to have a domestic partner to assist with parts and service on the machine for years to come.
  • Longevity needs– the ability to adapt the equipment to meet future demands is also important. Manufacturers should give themselves some flexibility to cover the unknowns, including how the equipment can be adapted to make other parts in the future.
  • Overseas limitations—overseas manufacturers may provide standard machines, however, they are often unwilling to deviate from their standard offering.
  • Domestic advantages—Service is the main advantage of a domestic manufacturer, with limited language and time zone barriers.
  • Stocking programs—long lead times from overseas manufacturers is a major issue when it comes to critical components of a machine, having a domestic supplier with stocking options rescues downtime and loss of profit.
  • Automation options—domestic machinery builders provide forgers with an opportunity to take advantage of the most advanced automation and diagnostic options available.


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