Custom Forging Press Provides Required Precision to Forge Titanium Parts

When aerospace and medical device manufacturers need titanium parts produced in volume with exceptional precision and quality, it is often assumed that CNC machining is the best metalworking approach. However, with recent advances in the controls and automation of hydraulic forging presses, precision parts can now be forged to extremely tight tolerances and finished with additional machining if necessary.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Hydraulic Forging Press
Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Hydraulic Forging Press

The author of this article, Del Williams, in FIA Magazine , discusses the custom forging presses that Ajax\CECO\Erie Press manufactured for a machine shop customer and the benefits in terms of cost savings, tool quality, and longevity the forging equipment had on the company.

Read more about our capabilities in customizing forging equipment to boost your shop’s output and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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