How Parts Inventory Solves Operation’s Downtime

In the high-stakes world of manufacturing, particularly within the forging industry, operational downtime is not just an inconvenience—it can lead to significant financial losses. As a premier supplier of forging equipment, Ajax/CECO/Erie Press (ACE) understands the critical nature of maintaining operational efficiency. 

Maintenance and Operations Managers at forging facilities face the daunting challenge of balancing costs with efficiency, where every decision can significantly impact both immediate operations and long-term productivity. 

Our comprehensive Spare Parts Inventory System is designed precisely to address these challenges, ensuring that your operations remain resilient and efficient. 

The Critical Role of a Reliable Spare Parts Inventory 

Forging operations depend heavily on the reliability and uninterrupted function of their equipment. Each component of a forging press has a critical role, from dies to hydraulic pumps, and any failure can lead to substantial downtime. 

Recognizing this, ACE’s Spare Parts Inventory System is not just about having parts available; it’s about understanding which parts are most likely to fail and when. Through advanced analytics and decades of expertise in forging operations and as a primer forging equipment supplier, we are able to predict these failures before they happen and stock accordingly. 

This proactive approach not only reduces the frequency and duration of downtime but also enhances the overall lifecycle of the machinery. By ensuring that high-quality, precise parts are available on short notice, we empower forging operations to maintain peak performance levels with minimal interruption. 

Efficient Operations Require Robust Support Systems 

A robust spare parts inventory system isn’t just a resource; it’s a backbone for ongoing operational resilience and efficiency. ACE’s Spare Parts Inventory is designed to address the most pressing pain points of Maintenance and Operations Managers: 

  • Minimized Downtime: Rapid access to necessary spare parts means repairs can be conducted swiftly, drastically reducing downtime. 
  • Reduced Costs: With strategic parts stocking, companies can avoid the premium costs associated with emergency part ordering. 
  • Predictability and Planning: A well-maintained inventory allows for better future planning and reliability, ensuring that parts are available before they are needed, without unnecessary stockpiling that ties up capital. 

Understanding ACE’s Parts Stocking Program 

At ACE, our Parts Stocking Program is meticulously designed to support the high demands of the forging industry by ensuring critical spare parts are readily available, minimizing potential downtime. This program is rooted in a deep understanding of the specific needs of our clients’ operations. We utilize advanced logistics and inventory management technologies to track and predict part usage trends, thereby ensuring that the right parts are available at the right time. 

Our stocking strategy is not only about fulfilling immediate needs but also about anticipating future requirements, thereby preventing operational delays. We collaborate closely with clients to develop a customized inventory program that aligns with their operational tempo and financial objectives. 

This bespoke approach helps forge facilities avoid the dual pitfalls of under and over-stocking, which can tie up capital or lead to unexpected production halts, respectively. 

Strategic Stocking for Operational Excellence 

At ACE, our Parts Stocking Program is tailored to meet industry-specific needs, ensuring that your operations never skip a beat. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management: Leveraging historical data on part usage and wear, our Parts Stocking Program predicts and fulfills your spare part needs efficiently. 
  • Customized Solutions: Our inventory recommendations are customized to match the unique needs of your operations. 
  • Industry-Leading Response Times: With ACE, the parts you need are always within reach, thanks to our optimized supply chain and logistics expertise. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Decreased Maintenance Time: Quick part replacement keeps your machines running with minimal interruption. 
  • Financial Savings: Avoid the steep costs of rush orders and production downtime with parts readily available. 
  • Operational Reliability: Depend on a supply chain that backs your operational schedules confidently. 

Cost Calculator: Assessing Financial Impact of Downtime Reduction 

To demonstrate the direct financial benefits of minimizing downtime through effective spare parts management, we present a cost comparison derived from real-world scenarios: 

Scenario Analysis: 

  • Without ACE’s Parts Stocking: 6 weeks downtime due to delayed part delivery. 
  • With ACE’s Parts Stocking: Only 3 days downtime, thanks to proactive parts availability. 

Company Profile: 

  • Industry: Manufacturing 
  • Critical Spare: Essential component impacting major operations 
  • Scenario 1: No spare parts available (6 weeks of downtime) 
  • Scenario 2: Spare parts provided by ACE (3 days of downtime) 


  1. Daily Operating Revenue: $20,000 
  2. Daily Operating Cost: $10,000 
  3. Total Daily Net Output (Revenue – Cost): $10,000 
  4. Cost of Emergency Part Procurement (without ACE): $30,000 
  5. Cost of ACE Parts Stocking Service (Annual): $5,000 


Scenario 1: 6 Weeks Downtime (42 Days) 

  • Revenue Lost: $20,000 x 42 = $840,000 
  • Operating Costs (still incurred): $10,000 x 42 = $420,000 
  • Emergency Procurement Costs: $30,000 
  • Total Costs: Revenue Lost + Operating Costs + Emergency Procurement Costs = $840,000 + $420,000 + $30,000 = $1,290,000 

Scenario 2: 3 Days Downtime with ACE 

  • Revenue Lost: $20,000 x 3 = $60,000 
  • Operating Costs (still incurred): $10,000 x 3 = $30,000 
  • ACE Parts Stocking Service (Annual, prorated for event): $5,000 / 12 = $417 approximately for the month 
  • Total Costs: Revenue Lost + Operating Costs + ACE Service Cost = $60,000 + $30,000 + $417 = $90,417 

Cost Comparison: 

  • Total Loss with 6 Weeks Downtime: $1,290,000 
  • Total Loss with 3 Days Downtime (ACE): $90,417 
  • Savings with ACE Parts Stocking Program: $1,290,000 – $90,417 = $1,199,583 


Investing in the ACE Parts Stocking Program can save approximately $1.2 million in this scenario, reducing downtime from 6 weeks to just 3 days. This example highlights the critical financial benefit of ensuring rapid access to necessary spare parts through ACE, underlining the program’s value in maintaining operational continuity and financial stability. 

Actionable Insights: 

  • Consider the Long-Term Savings: The upfront cost of a parts stocking service is significantly outweighed by the potential downtime costs. 
  • Evaluate Your Spare Parts Needs: Regularly review and adjust your inventory requirements based on production schedules and historical part usage. 
  • Engage with ACE: Partnering with Ajax/CECO/Erie Press ensures that you have the support needed to manage downtime effectively and keep operations running smoothly. 

Case Study Highlight: Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs 

Our commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated through our proactive stocking strategies. One significant highlight of our approach is detailed in the case study on minimizing lead times through our industry-leading stocking program. This study showcases how we helped a client maintain continuous production flow, significantly reducing potential downtime and financial setbacks by ensuring parts were available before they were critically needed. 

Why ACE? 

Choosing ACE means opting for a partner who understands the intricacies of forging equipment and the critical nature of timely maintenance. Our Parts Stocking Program is not just a service; it’s a promise of reliability and efficiency, ensuring that your operations are backed by rapid support and expert planning. 

Your Next Steps: 

  • Visit Us: Dive deeper into our Parts Stocking Program and discover how we can tailor it to your needs. 
  • Contact Us: Reach out to discuss how we can assist in optimizing your operations. 
  • Read More: Learn from our case studies how proactive parts stocking can transform your production process. 

ACE’s commitment to reducing downtime and operational costs with our efficient spare parts inventory helps Maintenance and Operations Managers not just succeed, but excel in their roles. Don’t let downtime keep you down—choose ACE and keep your operations moving. 

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