Longevity of forging and forming equipment

Customer: A custom engineering metal forming manufacturer supporting global forming technologies for automotive, commercial, and industrial markets.

Industry:  Automotive

Applications: Ajax Mechanical Presses

Problem: The customer was experiencing significant turnover in their maintenance department, and because of that they did not have maintenance personnel who have trained appropriately or had enough experience to maintain a substantial maintenance program, let alone a preventative maintenance program.

Solution: We scheduled annual maintenance visits to their operation and conducted detailed health checks on their equipment. We walked their maintenance workers through the process and assisted them with the next step activities. The customer’s maintenance team was able to learn from our annual visits and apply their knowledge to develop their own PM program in their facility, eliminating the need to contact us as the OEM to conduct annual health inspections on their equipment.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Advantage: We are the OEM Manufacture of the equipment, we have experienced staff and detailed documentation and specifications on many of the major forging brands including Ajax, CECO (Chambersburg Equipment Company), ERIE Press, and L&F (formerly Sheridan-Gray). Not only can we provide on-site service of forging and forming equipment, but we also have the capability to assist customers remotely with advanced collaboration tools and real-time video communications to connect with technicians where both parties can see, discuss, annotate and resolve many issues.

The advantage of Ajax/CECO/Erie Press’ Industry Leading Preventative Maintenance Program is that customers who enroll will minimize their unexpected downtime and enable them to get back up and running faster and more cost-effectively.