Stocking Program Saving Customers On Lost Production Time


Customer: A custom engineering metal forming manufacturer supporting global forming technologies for automotive, commercial, and industrial markets.

Industry:  Automotive

Application: 10 Ajax Mechanical Presses

  • 1300T -4,000 T Ajax Mechanical Presses

Problem: The customer’s Drive Plate failed on one of their mechanical presses. This critical component had a lead time of 18 -20 weeks for a new manufacture. The downtime from the press resulted in thousands of dollars per hour in loss production for the customer.

Solution: The customer utilized the Ajax/CECO/Erie Press stocking program to stock their critical parts. We were able to reduce their lead time by 19 weeks, saving the customer on lost time for their unexpected machine failure.

Additionally, due to inflation and the demand the pricing for the required parts had skyrocketed since they had originally purchased them to include them in their stocking program—saving them money.

Ajax/CECO/Erie Press Advantage: The advantage of Ajax/CECO/Erie Press’ Industry Leading Stocking Program is that customers who enroll will have the opportunity to avoid long lead times for critical components. This will minimize their unexpected downtime and enable them to get back up and running faster and more cost-effectively.

Working with the OEM of the machine is an enormous benefit to the customer in that the OEM has the original engineered design specifications for their equipment’s components which considers material hardness/softness and clearances to mating components, not just to ensure initial functionality but to make sure it is not just a temporary fix that will cause an ultimate catastrophic failure at some point in the remaining life of the equipment.